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Haystack Gold allows quick access to comprehensive parts information is critical for both government organizations and commercial contractors. Whether you are conducting a simple search to verify a NSN or part number, or a timesaving batch search for thousands of items in one operation, your mission is dependent on fast, accurate and reliable data.

To meet your needs, IHS offers Haystack Gold, a complete parts and logistics management system. It provides crucial, integrated and interoperable logistics information so that processes can be automated, labor and research costs reduced, and new levels of efficiency and return on investment realized. Using IHS Haystack Gold will significantly cut down the time you spend researching hard-to-find parts, maximizing supply chain effectiveness.

HAYSTACK contains information on more than 100 million items in the U.S. Federal Supply Catalog and over 40 U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and related military databases. Access to the National Forging Tooling Database (NFTD) provides visibility to spare parts and tooling. Superior search engine capabilities enable users to search by a wide range of criteria, databases, or other commands to returns hundreds of thousands of relevant results in seconds. Search by:

National Stock Number (NSN)
Part number
CAGE code
Company name
Technical characteristics
Product Item Description (PID) data
and many other parameters

With HAYSTACK's breadth of content and superior indexing, you get the information necessary to make the decisions related to your specific job function and the ability to focus on what is truly important: the projects you're managing to support your mission.  More about Finding Government Parts in IHS Haystack.

Locate alternate sources of supply
Increase efficiency of design, component, test, and quality assurance processes
Improve product development cycle time
Avoid part duplication
Meet engineering design requirements
Search by technical characteristics of parts
Augment internal part references and legacy data
Ensure cleansed and standardized information
Enhance DMSMS capabilities
Quickly locate past vendors
Manage risk of part and material obsolescence

Identify sources for parts - including supplier contact information and pricing
Maximize negotiating power
Locate alternate sources of supply
Pinpoint products purchased by specific government agencies
View consolidated award history data

Streamline internal processes
Strengthen MRO responses
Quickly identify and retrieve existing parts information
Reduce high costs associated with part duplication
Support FMS and maintain older equipment
Access obsolete part numbers and NSNs

Uncover new business prospects to expand your business
View information on more than 135,000 companies currently selling to the U.S. Government
Research the specifics of DoD bid opportunities and other RFQs
Monitor competitors' activities
Track pricing trends

Verify part and supplier information
Improve data cleansing and augmentation
Flexible search capabilities