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Our Partners

LGA support for regulatory services
Our work on regulatory policy has now been placed at the heart of the LGA, meaning that local regulatory services can benefit from strong political engagement, cross cutting work with other policy areas and the wealth of experience that the LGA has in public affairs on the national stage.
Using the LGA Knowledge Hub
The LGA has created an exciting new web offering for councils that we hope will become invaluable to regulatory services, councillors and wider stakeholders. Click here for further information on how to use this.
Using the LGA website
The LGA website at contains a wealth of material that will be of interest to councillors and officers, including key documents relating to regulatory enforcement.
Regulatory services officer groups
The LGA recognises how vital the experiences and knowledge of officers are to the development of effective and practical regulatory policy.
Future of the LG Regulation website
The LG Regulation website will be not be updated from April 2012 onwards. The information and guidance on the website will remain as an archive until the end of January 2013, after which the LG Regulation website will be closed.
Specialist emails
The LGA will no longer be maintaining specialist email lists for regulatory services, however, we will be using the regulatory Knowledge Hubs to seek views and share information.
Home Authority Database
The LGA has worked in partnership with the relevant organisations to secure a sustainable future for the Home Authority database, which has now been transferred to a new home on TSI's 'interlink' platform.

Councillors Briefing
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